Arts & Crafts in Nature (7-12 yrs)

Mondays: 5:00pm-6:30pm Start: April 1st, 2019

$180/10 weeks

Nature is such a powerful source of creative inspiration. Adorned in vibrant colours, diverse textures, and endless crafting material, the natural world provides everything we need to develop the inner artist in each of us! Join Sarah and Savannah in an exploration into the wild and imaginative world of the woods!  In this program, children will:

  • Find inspiration in the natural world to explore and collect natural materials to craft into a variety of art projects
  • Develop skills of resourcefulness, imagination and creativity in transforming the world around them into a beautiful expression of themselves.
  • Connect deeply to the artistic qualities of nature itself through observing the many patterns, shapes, and designs naturally occurring in the woods.
  • Openly express and tap into their creative freedom.
  • Activities may include: painting, cordage, weaving, journaling, jewelry, drawing, map making, natural dye making, and so much more!
  • Program held at Bechtel Park, Waterloo
  • Drop-off program

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