Summer Nature Camp 2020!

Weeks Available:   July 20-24   and/or   July 27-31  Ages: 6-12

Full Day(9:00am-4:00pm): $310/per week +HST $40.30= Total: $350.30

AM Only(9:00am-12:30pm) : $155/per week+HST $20.15=Total: $175.15

PM Only(12:30pm-4:00pm) : $155/per week+HST $20.15=Total: $175.15

Summer Nature Camp at Bechtel Park! Each day different themes emerge, depending on the weather, what we discover in the forest, and what interests the children. We tell stories, make music, create art & bushcraft projects, build structures, splash in puddles and rivers, identify birds and animals, discover plants, practise mindfulness, play games & co-operative challenges, fight pirates and find fairies.

Our days follow a rhythm but the specifics vary depending on what nature offers and how the children feel. The days are full of learning while we play, building connections to the land, each other, and ourselves.

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